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In the last two months we've... 

  • Hosted a deep dive into the balance between function and beauty for product design. 
  • And gone back to the basics and building from ground up, with, Product Foundations. 

This July, we're bringing a double dose of learning!

Firstly, we'll be diving deeper into the different aspects of product management. Think design, marketing, operations, etc. Everything you need to know and delivered hot.

Then the following week after this first session, we will have a special invite-only session where we will be bringing together the senior product leaders in Kigali across multiple sectors (banks, gov-tech, education, etc.) for a special conversation tagged: Product is the Way.

As always you get to be part of the conversation and to be part of the vibrant community  of world class product managers we're building in Kigali.

Join us at Norrsken House Kigali on Thursday July 16 by 12:00 and you might just be lucky to get an exclusive invite for the special product leaders session!

Lunch & Learn is open and free to attend.

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