Let's put an end to dull, boring investor days once and for all.

Norrsken Impact/Return is a forum for LP/GP networking, discussion, inspiration and staying up to date on the latest trends in impact investing.

Dedicated time for networking, to ensure you meet and get to know the right people, in 1:1 meetings or group discussions.

The latest perspectives on impact investing, from veterans of the space as well as up-and-coming fund managers.

Listen to leading thinkers on the megatrends shaping our planet and economy. Get up to date on VC strategy and let them tell you why you should invest in them. 

Impact/Return is part of Stockholm Impact Week

September 12 2023 l Norrsken House Stockholm l 11.00 - 17.30

Speakers 2023

Lisen Schultz
Stockholm Resilience Centre

Lisen Schultz is a director of education at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.In 2018, she launched the world's first executive program in resilience thinking. She has since worked with some of Sweden's most senior business leaders in understanding and acting on the megatrends shaping our planet and global economy.

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Mike Kubzansky
CEO of Omidyar Network

Mike Kubzansky is CEO of Omidyar Network, a social change venture founded in 1999 by Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar.Under Mike’s leadership, the Omidyar Network has transformed to focus on three of the critical 21st century disruptions: the economy, digital technology, and demographic change. 

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Daniel Schmachtenberger
Founding Member of The Consilience Project

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a social philosopher and a founding member of the Consilience Project.He is perhaps best-known for his work on the concept of the Metacrisis. It refers to the totality of the world’s crises - the interlinked problem set that forms the basis of global systemic fragility.

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Sir Ronald Cohen
President of The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment

Sir Ronald Cohen is an international philanthropist and investor, known as the father of the social investing movement. He is the author of IMPACT: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change, published in 2020. His book The Second Bounce of the Ball, published in 2007, was named "one of the best books written on entrepreneurship in recent years" by the Financial Times.

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Snapshot of participating GPs

Tosca Griffin
Senior Associate, Planet First Partners

Cameron McLain
Co-founder, Giant Ventures

Lauren Lentz
Founding Partner, Revent

Otto Birnbaum
Founding Partner, Revent

Danijel Visevic
Founding Partner, World Fund

Camilla Dolan
General Partner, Eka Ventures

Jacob Bro
Founding Partner, 2150

Christian Joelck
Founding Partner, 2150




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Stockholm Impact Week is an annual Summit hosted by Norrsken and the City of Stockholm, dedicated to defining the critical issues of our time and enabling solutions to them.‍ 

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