MAY 16 ● 19:00-20:30 ● NORRSKEN CLUB

Traditional teaching methods have often fallen short. A significant issue is the conventional focus on memorization, which proves ineffective and fails to ignite a genuine interest in learning.

Our guest speaker, Andreu Dotti Boada, CEO and co-founder of Innovamat, will share how his digital learning platform revolutionizes math education by emphasizing problem-solving and skill development. Today, Innovamat is enhancing the learning journey for over 350,000 students, 15,000 teachers, and 2,000 schools across Latin America and Europe.

In this fireside chat, we will discuss the transformative approaches reshaping mathematics education, learn how Andreu created the product and prioritized its features at the company's inception, and gain insights into his effective sales strategies to schools.

The conversation will be followed by a networking session with drinks, offering a great opportunity to connect with other ed-tech entrepreneurs and innovators in the field.

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As part of the event, we're excited to host an exclusive dinner at Norrsken Club for a select group of individuals who are passionate about education and innovation. If you believe you would be a good fit and are eager to get involved, please register your interest using the registration form.


Andreu Dotti Boada

Andreu Dotti Boada, an engineer and entrepreneurial visionary, is the co-founder and CEO of Innovamat, a leading organization in math education. Since 2017, he has spearheaded the transformation of math teaching by promoting innovative and accessible methods that have revolutionized learning for thousands. With operations across nine countries and a team of 320 professionals, Innovamat positively impacts math education, supporting 18,000 teachers to offer competency-based and engaging instruction to over 430,000 students. Andreu’s ongoing commitment to innovation elevates math education, equipping students to become the critical thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.

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