29 MAY 19:00 - 22:00 ●  NORRSKEN ROOFTOP

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Our success is your success - that's why we're hosting a delightful evening dedicated to our invitation-only ambassadors community at Norrsken.

This exclusive event is a must-attend night, tailored for our esteemed ambassadors and founding members. In this intimate setting, you'll have the chance to meet and mingle one-to-one with leading minds from Barcelona. 

All ambassadors have been handpicked by us for their contributions as expert leaders or entrepreneurs in their respective fields, visionary investors, or change-makers who, like you share our impact mission.

We’ll keep the energy high with an assortment of refreshments on the rooftop, light bites, & groovy sounds to elevate the evening and bring the fun.

**Please rsvp to indicate your attendance so we can plan accordingly**

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    If you've received this invite, you're on a special list of ambassadors handpicked by Norrsken. Thank you for being such an important part of this ecosystem and for allowing Norrsken to foster an incredible network and hub to support projects that solve the world's greatest challenges. 

    Our ambassador community includes: Alexandra Maratchi, Alexis Caporale, Aleix Casals, Ana Maiques, Ananya Manna, Andrea Arrieta, Andrea Oliver, Andreas Lehrner, Anna Quintero, Ariel Camús, Azahara Espejo, Benoit Menardo, Carlos Pierre, Cenk Sezginsoy, Christopher Fuchs, Christopher Resiner, Clara Campàs, Claudia Giraldo, Damien Harris, Danae Vara, Daniel Foth, Dustin Figge, Fabrizio Ferraro, Fede Richardson, Eduardo Salvo, Edurne de Oteiza, Eller Everett, Gonzalo Rodés, Ernest Sanchez, Fernando Casado, Fredrik Johnsson, Gerard Olivé, Henrik Sprengel, Holger Sprengel, Jahed Momand, John Laramie, Joost Korver, Jorge Araujo, José Ojeda, Josep Navajo, Josep Sanfeliu, Josep Santacana, Katrina Walker, Kwadwo Swiatecki Adu, Lisa Hehenberger, Manel Sarasa, Marc Antoni Macià, Marcos Bernat, Mareme Dieng, Merce Tell, Michiel Van Deursen, Micky Ribera, Miguel Valls, Nicole Velho, Oriol Fuertes, Ovidiu Solomonov, Pablo Lara, Pepe Agell, Pepe Borrell, Piotr Godzinski, Philippe Gelis Phillip Hillenbrand, Rafa Esteve, Rick Bekkema, Rob Cassedy, Roger Egan, Sacha Poignonnec, Simon Broekema, Sean Ryan, Sergio Gonzalez, Timo Buetefish, Quique Llaudet Carles, Vicenç Martí, Xavier Pladellorens, Yann de Vries among others.


    Norrsken Barcelona

    Passeig Mare Nostrum, 15 Ciutat Vella